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Elevation Consulting Group, Ltd., is a civil engineering consulting firm specializing in site development and permitting within multiple market sectors.  Our leadership has over 20 years of extensive experience in development projects, both locally and nationally.  Our projects have ranged from small urban infill sites, to large land development projects of over 3,000 acres.


Our philosophy is that team collaboration and communication is crucial to a project’s success.  We take a proactive approach to the approval process by engaging with other design team members and meeting with jurisdictional reviewers prior to submitting to vet design issues and constraints and come to a resolution.


Elevation Consulting Group’s focus is always on our individual client needs. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to meet your project goals, anticipate your needs, and adapt to evolving markets.   We take great pride in exceeding expectations and fostering long-term relationships with our clients.

Brad Disner, PE - Principal


Born and raised in the Denver area, Brad Disner, PE, began his civil engineering career in 1996, and has served private and public sector clients throughout the metro area and the state of Colorado. Brad’s diverse career has led him to work in almost every market sector on just about every project type, and has given him a depth of firsthand experience and familiarity with the regulations of municipalities and authorities across the region.


The Denver Art Museum was the most inspiring project of Brad’s career, which taught him the importance of aesthetics in engineering, and adhering to a project’s artistic style in addition to achieving sound civil engineering function through creative design. As the son of an artist and an engineer, the Denver Art Museum project challenged both the creative and analytical aspects of Brad’s personality.


“I enjoy applying aesthetic design to every project, so that no matter what project type it is, the result is an intentional, well-manicured place that makes you feel welcome.  I really like to work on projects where people tend to gather, because if the place is truly welcoming, it is evident in the visitors’ reactions.”


When not at work, Brad enjoys travelling with his family, taking extended camping trips every summer, and enjoying time on a houseboat on Lake Powell.

Lincoln Thomas, PE, LEED AP - Principal


Lincoln Thomas, PE, began his career in 2004, choosing civil engineering because of his fascination with the construction process and specifically site development. Lincoln enjoys solving the unique civil engineering site design challenges these projects come with.


One of the most defining projects of Lincoln’s career was Promenade at Castle Rock, a 177-acre retail and mixed-use development with extreme topography, public pushback, major drainageway improvements, and coordination of multiple concurrent permit packages with multiple jurisdictions. Lincoln’s intense organization and attention to detail as a project manager, and ability to mentor and train his staff, enabled him to deliver high levels of client satisfaction on Promenade, and all the projects in his portfolio.


Lincoln’s background includes experience in most sectors for both public and private clients. “All sectors present different challenges and opportunities to develop new skills. However, I enjoy land development projects in particular, as they present the unique opportunity to work collaboratively with a design team of many different disciplines to meet the common goals of a successful project.”


Lincoln has lived in Alaska, California, Minnesota, and Colorado, but ultimately chose the Denver metro area to settle down with his family, because of the lifestyle and wide range of available activities.

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